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Tan France Teams Up with Etsy to Bring Us His Own Twist on Home Goods

Introducing a new curated collection from the Queer Eye star.

tan france etsy
Courtesy of Etsy

The e-commerce site Etsy has long been known for its collaborations with celebrities and social-media influencers—recent examples include partnerships with the actress and entrepreneur Tia Mowry, The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher, and YouTube personality Zoella. This week, Etsy announced its latest effort: The site is teaming up with the fashion expert and Emmy-nominated star of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, Tan France, for a limited-edition collection featuring home-decor items and apothecary products that are tailor-made for gifting during the holidays.

“This holiday season, I believe that people are going to be more thoughtful and selective with their gifting,” France shared with Etsy. “I hope that this collection offers buyers a chance to give the gift of something well made and well considered. Something that the recipient knows has been selected specifically for them.”

ELLE Decor got a chance to catch up with France about his new collection, which has been brought to life by 13 Etsy vendors. He specifically aimed to curate products in a neutral palette that he knew would work in anyone’s home, including his own. The line will be available through the end of 2020 (or while supplies last). Read on to hear more about France’s collection from the creator himself.

tan france etsy
An array of items from the new Tan France x Etsy home collection.
Courtesy of Etsy

ELLE Decor: What was your reaction when you first saw the collection?

Tan France: It’s something I curated, so I was just happy that it all made sense together. I wanted to create a line that is relatively universal, where people could find pieces that really made sense for themselves or for whomever they’re gifting to, and so I’m just happy that it looks the way I wanted it to all together.

ED: Was it difficult to work with so many different Etsy sellers—13 of them?

TF: Actually, Etsy works with them directly. Etsy arranged everything for me, but the sellers have been wonderful in making sure that they were providing me with the best version of what they do. So for me it’s been a fantastic experience working with them—we have 22 pieces between the 13 vendors, and they made life so easy.

ED: If you were picking out a gift for your husband or your parents, which pieces from the collection would you choose?

TF: That’s easy. For my husband, it would be the robe—I love the robe so much. I knew it was going to be nice, but it’s so much better than I expected. It fits beautifully, and the fabric is gorgeous. Then for my parents, there’s this honey that has a real kick to it.

tan france etsy
A mug and coasters from the new collection.
Courtesy of Etsy

ED: For so much of your stint on Queer Eye, you’ve had to tailor a look for a specific person. But for this collection you had to think broader, right?

TF: For my Queer Eye heroes, they give me a very specific brief of who they are, what they’re all about, what kind of colors they like. Whereas for this, I was able to figure out what makes sense for people universally, whether they’re in England, America, the Far East—it doesn’t matter where they are. I had to ask, Is this thing potentially going to work in their home? And will this color palette work in their home? So it really enabled me to play with neutrals and test myself to see that they would all work together in harmony. So you’ll find that almost everything in the collection is neutral, which makes it much easier to offer it globally.

ED: Does the collection ultimately reflect your personal style?

TF: Yeah! I wanted to make sure that everything could go in my own home, whether it be my Salt Lake City home or my Los Angeles home—and my two homes are very different. One of them is very spiced up; the other one is English country. But I also needed to consider how it would work in, say, my mom’s house, or my best friend’s. Everyone has such a different aesthetic in their home.

tan france etsy
France using some of the items from his new Etsy collection.
Courtesy of Etsy

ED: What can we expect from you next? Anything exciting planned?

TF: I have this show called Boost My Business, which I love because I was a former small-business owner and designer. So season one was super exciting, to be able to help small businesses grow and learn from my experiences, and I started season two this week. I’m excited because we’re helping businesses recover during COVID, which is something I’m really passionate about. Unfortunately, we can’t work on Queer Eye right now, because we hug everyone and I’m in someone’s closet. It’s just impossible in COVID times. So I’m happy that I at least get to shoot a show that’s really helping people through COVID.

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