10 Splashy Flora and Fauna Patterns For Adorning Chairs, Walls, and More

From coral and sealife to perennials and tropicalia.


Pattern on pattern, color on color—maximalism done right can bring warmth, texture, and personality to any interior. (If you can’t tell, we’re fans of the style.) So when we got a look at the newest collection of wallpapers and fabrics from Harlequin, we were instantly smitten. Known for its colorful, make-you-double-take patterns, the brand has grouped this fresh assortment into four ‘looks’: Rewild, Retreat, Reflect and Renew. Plus, their new Own the Room campaign— which will include an engaging online questionnaire coming soon—helps empower you to find your own look.

We’re feeling the flora and fauna vibes, from coral and sea-life to perennials and tropicalia—here are our 10 favorites.

Atoll, Seaglass/Emerald
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

This pattern, named for the spiny coral it sports, comes in both wallpaper and fabric. We particularly like it for breezy drapes or upholstery, but it would pack a punch as a wallcovering, too.

Dance of Adornment, Wilderness/Nectar/Pomegranate
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Cue the drama, and look closely: the all-out Dance of Adornment pattern is more than meets the eye. Birds of paradise are tucked into the splashes and slashes of color in this showstopping wallpaper and fabric, perfect for a statement chair.

Gorgonian, Postitano/ Haze/ Umber
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

The lush color and intricate linework in the Gorgonian weave will transport you right to an island. Primarily for drapes, its natural linen look provides a textural base that contrasts delightfully with the light-reflecting threads.

Melora, Positano/Succulent/Gold
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

The Melora pattern is a damask with attitude. Available in glamorous colorways that incorporate metallics, its botanical motif will gild your walls and leave an impression on guests. And if you want to try it on a sofa or bench, it’s also available in a plush printed velvet.

Acropora, Exhale/ Murmuration
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Acropora proves monochrome is anything but boring. Available as a fabric or wallcovering, this classic blue interpretation would look fabulous as the backdrop of an entryway or powder room. It would look equally chic adorning an upholstered headboard.

Lotus, Ivory/Gilver
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Delicate and soft in color, the Lotus pattern will splay painterly magnolia trees across your living room on wide width wallpaper. If you prefer it on fabric, it’s also available as a printed cotton satin to use for curtains or blinds.

Matupi, Amber Light/ Black Earth
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Named in honor of Asia’s tropical grasslands, the textural, layered Matupi pattern is excellent for drapes. We love the Amber Light/ Black Earth colorway; its dark background let’s the organic form of the grasses shine. Prefer it for your walls? Well, it comes in a soft gold or silvery white, too.

Ardisia, Soft Focus/Gold
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Chic and versatile, Ardisia comes in a woven jacquard for drapes and as a wallcovering in four approachable colorways. The silhouetted branches and berries would look lovely in a breakfast nook or a guest bedroom.

Perennials, Positano/ Tree Canopy/ Tulip
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

Hello, contemporary chintz! The Perennials pattern is a celebration of florals, and we love the tulip-colored background of this colorway. Made from 100% cotton, it would look peachy on any number of sofas, or add a punch as curtains. The design’s block-like appearance freshens up this more traditional style.

Montipora, Harrisa/ Slate/ Incense
Harlequin harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com

The colors—dusty red, soft lavender gray, warm biscuit—in this version of the Montipora pattern, printed on cotton satin, speak to current trends in colors, in which pastel versions rule and there's no fear of boldness. Gently swaying anemones mingle with other multidirectional sealife across a vibrant canvas.

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