9 Statement-Making Design Trends To Shop Right Now

Is your desire to redecorate rising along with the temperature? We’re here to help with a few of the season’s hottest buys.

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Joss & Main

Few things feel better than spring cleaning—and by that we mean the sense of accomplishment you have after doing all that scrubbing and purging. Now that you’ve streamlined your space, don’t you deserve to add a few new stylish pieces into the mix?

Yes, that question is rhetorical. To inspire your home’s spring awakening, we got the pros at Joss & Main to share their very on-trend picks for the new season. All that stands between you and a brighter, happier home is clicking “add to cart.”

Trend No. 1: High-Energy Hues

joss and main high energy hues
Joss & Main

Use bold colors—everything from radiant yellows to warm terracotta—whimsical upholstery, and statement-making art to create a home so bright you won’t be bothered by the occasional April shower.

Trend No. 2: A Sense of Surrealism

joss and main sense of surrealism
Joss & Main

The expected is so last season. Bound into spring with out-of-the-box shapes, abstract patterns, and kaleidoscope prints lifted straight from fashion week runways.

Trend No. 3: Lighter Tones

joss and main lighter tones
Joss & Main

Behind every saturated hue and bold furnishing is a solid, neutral base. Consider these pieces—fashioned from blonde wood, natural rattan, and woven fibers—your home’s blank canvas.

Trend No. 4: Iridescent Elements

joss and main irridescent
Joss & Main

Why stick to one hue when you can have the whole rainbow? This season, stock up on lustrous and pearlized pieces made up of shades that shift with each new view.

Trend No. 5: Luxe Textiles

joss and main spring edit
Joss & Main

Strike it rich: Opt for furniture in sumptuous fabrics like velvet and (faux) leather for a touch of opulence in your living space.

Trend No. 6: Deep Green

joss and main deep green
Joss & Main

No need to be envious—you, too, can fill your home with the rich emerald hue that evokes feelings of greenery and the serenity of nature.

Trend No. 7: High-Contrast Wall Art

joss and main artwork
Joss & Main

Think of your home as a museum—with you the sole curator—and fill it with bold, statement-making prints you get to appreciate every day. Plus, adding art is an easy, low-lift way to instantly update a space.

Trend No. 8: Curves Ahead

joss and main curves
Joss & Main

Caution: Rounded silhouettes have entered the conversation. Take the trend for a test drive with pieces that cut all the corners.

Trend No. 9: Fluted Accents

joss and main fluted
Joss & Main

Get in the groove with this season’s textured pieces. Whether on accent pieces or standout furnishings, they’ll add a fun extra dimension to your decor.

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