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These 10 Chairs Will Get You the Best Seat at the Table

We asked design power couple General Judd and Cristina Casañas-Judd of Me and General Design to dish on the spiciest new dining chairs.

on the left is a portrait of general judd and cristina casanas judd and on the right are two colorful chairs at right angles to each otther
Chairs: Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

As editors, we’re always asked for decor advice, and at the top of that list is dining chairs. So many things need to be taken into consideration, from the right height for your table to the weight of the chair to the seemingly endless aesthetic choices: Arms or armless? Upholstered or more minimal? Is it OK to mix and match? (Yes!) What about a bench in lieu of chairs? (We’re split on that one—a little back support is helpful after a couple martinis.) The husband-and-wife team of Cristina Casanas-Judd and General Judd of Me and General Design also have strong yet informed opinions on choosing dining chairs so cool and comfy your guests may never want to leave—we asked them to dish on the spiciest new designs.

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1 Sorcerous by Chris Schanck
gothic looking black and metal swivel chair with partially open back and entwined pedestal base
Clare Gatto

Cristina Casañas-Judd: There’s a richness, like an undiscovered treasure found on a sunken pirate ship.

General Judd: It’s the perfect combination of lavishness and deconstruction, bestowing instant swag as you swivel.

26" w. x 21" d. x 40" h.


2 Hydro by Tom Dixon
metal chair whose back and seat looks like piping
Sally Williams photography

GJ: This could be poolside in a lush Art Deco setting in Miami.

CCJ: It’s so sexy but also practical because it’s light and stackable.

21" w. x 24" d. x 33" h.

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3 Daisy Doo by Laurel Harrington
two wooden pedestal chairs with backs in the shape of a daisy and one seat is blue and one is a salmon color
John Merkl

CCJ: I like the attention to detail in the flower.

GJ: These are vibrant and fun but seriously crafted.

19" w. x 19" d. x 38" h.

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4 Edith by Massimo Broglio
purple chair

GJ: It’s a classic shape that would work in most settings.

CCJ: I could see a rainbow of these around a table.

18" w. x 16" d. x 30" h.

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5 Maduo by Peter Mabeo
wooden chair with a straight pedestal base and round seat and long oval sides arranged in a semicircle

CCJ: Fashion and furnishings collide.

GJ: This pushes boundaries of traditional techniques to an extreme.

24" dia. x 31" h.


6 Oro by Chris Wolston
wicker and metal chair with fussy white back and seat
David Sierra

CCJ: The craftsmanship is so intricate that this is an art installation for me.

GJ: It feels like fashion. This chair is saying, “I’ve got the perfect outfit on, and I am comfortable.”

18" w. x 17" d. x 32" h.


7 Miss Wood
two chairs each with an ombre pattern on the backrest

GJ: It has a lightness about it because it has no hard edges, only organic contours. For a simple chair it is quite effective.

CCJ: I do love the ombré effect. There’s something pleasing about gradient color—it feels like sunrise.

20" w. x 20" d. x 30" h.

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8 Sunny 1 by Uchronia
black chair with round seat upholstered in light gray flower pattern and halfway encircled by a band with wavy lines

GJ: The shape is natural and graphic.

CCJ: This is striking. It has a really nice, patterned feel to it and redefines what a typical dining chair could be.

22" w. x 24" d. x 32" h.

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9 Hexa by Pierre Yovanovitch
two colorful wooden chairs at right angles to each other with colorful patterned oval backs
Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

CCJ: It’s a friendly piece that can fit in almost anywhere with that shape.

GJ: Pierre revitalized a chair from a Swedish designer who died in 1959. It would be great at a large dining table.

20" w. x 23" d. x 35" h.


10 Dulces by Laura Kirar for Stackabl
stubby looking chairs with rounded legs and gray seat with pink and camel colors underneath and gray back

GJ: I love the use of recyclable materials.

CCJ: There’s something fun and crafty about the legs.

18" w. x 24" d. x 33" h.


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